Upcoming winter vacation, feasts and new year are time for hosting dinners and more! Bored of the usual dinners? Plan a theme such as Indian, Mexican, Thai or Continental or so on. Or do a mix of these simple yet popular dishes. Remember to plan a balanced menu to turn out a perfect meal and the time to prepare them all is not much.


Offer a welcome drink that goes well with the season. Serve one or two appetizers that are not too heavy. For a lighter option, go in for crudites with spicy or creamy dip. Then comes the main course. Soups are a good option for the winter. Select one main dish that is universally liked! Go for one, two or three side dishes with the main dish depending on the number of guests. For one exotic/ special dish go for a baked dish or special salads or chaat etc are a good option. Other accompaniments like indian bread, rice, different varieties of breads etc make the menu complete. Not to forget some fingerlicking chutneys or homemade jams!


The right dessert make the end spectacular! You may offer some cut fresh fruits too, it also adds more color!

Here are some recipes that will add a touch of class to your dinner table and yet made in comparatively lesser time so you can get to spend quality time and celebrate with family! 


Soups, Drinks & Appetizers


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Sides & Main Dishes


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