Prevent butter from burning – When shallow frying/ sauteeing ingredients in butter, add a tablespoon of oil to the pan to prevent butter from burning and browning too soon.

To boil potatoes faster – add a pinch of turmeric powder and oil to the water. They will cook quicker.

For softer or caramelized onions – Add a pinch of salt to onions when frying them for seasoning. They will turn softer quicker. Or add a pinch of sugar to caramelize/ brown onions evenly.

Sugar to the rescue : For garnishing biryanis and pulaos with birista (fried onions) – slice onions very thinly and stir fry them with some oil and pinch of sugar. They will turn brown faster.

Salt to the rescue – Add a pinch of salt to the oil when frying fritters, pakoras, koftas. You will consume less oil.

White on White! To preserve white color of cauliflower, add a teaspoon of milk or milk powder while cooking it.

Soft paneer – Dip cottage cheese (paneer) in salt water before adding to any gravy.This will make them soft.

Chopping garlic – To mince or chop garlic with a knife – Chop with a little salt sprinkled over it. It will not stick to your knife or cutting board. Also a dash of salt added to chopped garlic for frying enhances its flavor.

Rasam from stock – Use the excess water leftover from cooking dal, chana or rajma to make appetizing rasam!

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