Almonds, Walnuts, Blueberries, Broccoli, Banana, Flax seed, Ginger, Apple, Garlic, Lentils are said to be good for proper functioning of brain-

1. Almonds – Increase flow to the brain

2. Walnuts – Rich in Omega 3 and improve reasoning in young adults

3. Blueberries – Improve the learning capacity

4. Broccoli – Rich in potassium and helps in functioning of nervous system and in turn improve brain functioning

5. Banana – Helps in brain functioning and keeps you in a good mood

6. Flax seeds – Rich in Omega 3 and help in proper brain functioning

7. Ginger – Anti-inflammatory and help protect from brain disease

8. Apples – Power food for mind, body and emotion

9. Garlic – Prevents and helps battle brain tumour

10. Lentils – Help in keeping blood circulating to the brain

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