Pull Apart Garlic Rolls

Days turned to weeks, to months and years. It has been that long since I sat to write a recipe post. Somehow many other things in life took over, some happy moments, some hurtful ones, some that felt like it was the end of everything. But in the end I have learnt – if you […]

Take a Break with Instant Eggless Chocolate Cake

  Life is a rush hour these days. A hectic schedule is the norm for many. You see people are always in a rush to be at some place at a certain time, meeting deadlines and so on. Relaxation, health, family, hobbies etc take a backseat. Most of us want things ‘instant’, ready at the […]

Glazed Mango Cheese Cake – Eggless

  Make the most of the ‘Mango Season‘!!  That is the mantra this time…well….its the same each year during the season!I can say we have done so and will continue to do so –  that is making the most of this ‘Mango Mania’ at home.     And one of them being ‘Mango Cheese Cake’. […]

The week that was….

    And some Apple – Oat Muffins   It was weekend again – the time of the week eagerly awaited for by so many! For me it was that time again – to have a flash back and evaluate the week gone by. Although not a frequent habit, pondering on the activities of the […]

Simple yet Exotic – Banana Muffins!

We have been bitten by the ‘muffin bug’….or ‘banana muffins’ in particular.      (Image updated on 24/8/16)    Since the first time we tried out this recipe we just can`t get enough of this soft & super yummy delights! What caught my interest when I first read the recipe was the fact that they had […]

Cinnamon Crispies

  Cinnamon Crispies are baked treats with a cinnamon and sugar filling. And with a blend of regular and brown sugar, no wonder these can be quite a treat. Ideal for your Xmas baking too!!         The outsides are bit crispy & crusty and the center slightly soft which reminded me of […]

Spiced Almond Cupcakes

    The aroma of spices can be intoxicating and comforting at the same time. Particularly on a cold rainy day. The sky is dark and grey clouds hover over the earth. The scene is set for pouring of rains and dampening one`s spirit! The warmth of the kitchen with the perpetual aromatic flavors of […]

{Guest Post} – Eggless Moist Chocolate Cake by Anjali Rao

  {Guest Post} (1) – By Anjali Rao   Introducing the first guest post on Prathi Ruchi by Anjali Rao, a PR head for an NGO and a content writer. She is passionate about all things sweet and makes time to bake and share her favorite dessert recipe.   Thank you Anjali for contributing a […]

Fruit & Nut Cake

    To accompany your weekend baking plans..some fruit cake!   Or just bake a basic vanilla sauce, drizzle with your favorite dessert sauce and enjoy!   Fruit cake is one of those classic recipe made world over for many special occasions, next to chocolate cake that is! Endless & delicious versions of it are […]