Stay Healthy this Monsoon

The rainy season is characterised by low digestion power and low immunity levels. Here are a few guidelines to keep fit and healthy during the monsoon season.

Bun Maaum

If you are from Bengaluru, you would know what a bun masala is. Many would know where to feed on one of the best bun masala. If not, its time you know! Bun masala is nothing a bun, slit into two, filled with a drizzle of  sweet imli chutney and spicy green chutney, fresh chopped vegetables like […]

Namma MTR

MTR, a name all are familiar with, a name that makes many recollect wonderful, delicious memories! A place that has been in existence for more than 90 years, is nothing short of Bengaluru`s pride. And hence it is apt to begin this post with the history of MTR.

Colour to Curries

To give a rich red color to your gravies without adding too much chillies, soak 2 dry red chillies after removing their seeds in about half cup water for 30 mins. Then rub the chillies to obtain the color and add this liquid to the gravy.

Benefits of Cumin

Cumin or jeera in Hindi; jeerige in Kannada is a spice that is a  native of eastern Mediterranean region. It is now cultivated in India, Morocco, China, Indonesia, Egypt and Argentina.

Goodness of Garlic

Garlic is a native of Central Asia and eastern Mediterranean region. It is widely grown in India, China, Spain, Egypt, Korea, Argentina, U.S.A and Italy. They contain traces of vitamin A, B1, B2, C.   Medicinal Uses- * To eliminate worms – Consume fresh garlic in your diet regularly. This expels intestinal parasites in few […]

In Search of GIRMIT – Part 2

PART 2 –  A TRYST WITH JOLA ROTTI The search for a perfect GIRMIT continues. We make a stop at Dharwad which is about  20 kms from Hubli. It was a hot sunny day. We set about to finish our task and eagerly awaited lunch time. Our driver Manju suggested a hotel nearby for a […]

In Search of GIRMIT…

PART 1 – MIRCHI MANIA It all started with our curiosity to experience new tastes and cuisine. To explore new dishes and capture tastes of regional dishes. That was the intention when we set out to track down popular eateries in Hubli. But exciting events do not usually happen in smaller towns, or so they say. With […]

A MAD rush for all things GOOD

The alarm rings. And like any other day I curse it for doing its job so perfectly, without taking a day off! I look out the window and the world outside was already ahead of me in getting started for the day. It was a Sunday, a day to take a break and be filled […]

Chai with Pakoras

‘Tea Time’has always been a lavish affair in England. The Afternoon Tea is a light meal had between 4 pm late afternoon and may go on till 6 pm. Hot tea is served in delicate tea pots accompanied by light snacks. Sandwiches, cookies, scones, muffins or toast along with a cup of piping hot and […]