Capsicum Vadas

Crispy dal and capsicum fritters!

Capsicum Vadas


Crispy dal and capsicum fritters!



  1. Wash the dal & soak for an hour or so. Drain & then grind it in a mixer coarsely along with salt, chillies, hing without adding water. You need to get a thick paste/ batter here. Do not grind to a fine paste. You need to retain some bits of the dal to get crispy vadas

  2. Finely chop the capsicum into tiny bits. Roast the groundnuts & cool a bit & grind to a almost fine powder. You can leave it slightly coarse.

  3. Transfer the thick batter into a mixing bowl & add the capsicum, powdered groundnuts. Adjust the salt.

  4. Take a small portion of the batter & flatten a bit & deep fry in hot oil over medium flame till golden brown. You can fry 5-6 vadas at a time depending on the size of you frying pan. Drain on absorbent paper & serve hot!

  5. This vada/ fritter is perfect as an evening snack or as accompaniment to rice meals!

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Prathima Thotanthillaya