Cheese fingers

Toasted bread topped with cheese

Cheese fingers

Servings: 2


Toasted bread topped with cheese



  1. Chop onions finely. Wash and chop coriander leaves and green chillies.

  2. Cut bread slices into desired shapes or leave them as is. Spread butter on both sides of the 2 slices. Toast them lightly on hot pan till crisp and toasted and brown.

  3. For the topping, in a bowl mix together chopped onions, grated cheese, coriander leaves, salt, pepper powder, green chillies.

  4. Keep the topping over one side of the 2 toasted slices. Place under a hot grill till cheese melts slightly or keep on hot pan to melt the cheese.

  5. Serve hot!


You may add garlic powder or 1 small clove grated garlic for Garlic Cheese Toast.
Cheese Fingers or Cheese Garlic Fingers can also be served along with hot soups of your choice.

To make Cheese sandwich instead of fingers/ open sandwich :
Toast the buttered slices.Keep topping over 1 slice and cover it with another slice. Serve hot.
You could use a sandwich maker to make Cheese sandwich. In that case no need to toast the slices
first. Keep topping over 1 buttered slice, cover with another buttered slice. Then toast in sandwich maker.

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Prathima Thotanthillaya