Nellikai (amla) Pachadi

Lip smacking, tangy amla raita

Nellikai (amla) Pachadi

Prep Time 10 min Cook Time 2 min Total Time 12 mins Servings: 6


Lip smacking, tangy amla raita


For paste

For tempering

Serving suggestions


  1. Grind together ingredients under ‘paste’ with 1-2 tbsp water or as needed for grinding.

  2. In a bowl put curd, salt, amla paste and whisk till smooth.

  3. For tempering, heat ghee/oil. Add all tempering ingredients and let mustard splutter. Then pour tempering to curd-amla in the bowl.

  4. Mix well. Serve with some warm steamed rice and fried curd chillies or relish as is!


Indian gooseberry or ‘amla’ in Hindi & Gujarathi, avaalo in Konkani, nellikai in Kannada & Tamil, usiri in Telugu, ma kham pom in Thai. It is a light green tart fruit and botanical name for amla is Emblica officinalis.
Medicinal value – Amla is known to enhance digestion, promote longevity, reduce cough or fever, stimulate hair growth, purify blood, strengthen the heart and also beneficial for the eyes.
Culinary uses – They can be eaten raw or cooked and added to various dishes such as dal, chutneys. They can be pickled with salt and preserved. Amla Murabba is a popular Andhra Pradesh/ North Indian specialty. Here amla is cooked and preserved in sugar syrup.

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