Looking for a good vegetarian place to dine? Our Review section is all about places serving tasty, sumptuous meals. It could a fine dining place or café, bakeries, street food. It all started with a mission to hunt down the best eatery or diner in Bengaluru. Rather a place for good vegetarian meals. Our quest led us to discover many such places! And now the exploration has extended beyond Bengaluru.

  • Food Products – We review vegetarian food products of various brands & categories.
  • Cookbooks – We review vegetarian cookbooks.
  • Street Food – We review street food wherever we go!
  • Family Restaurants – We review vegetarian family restaurants, fine dine places and so on.
  • Quickies (NEW) – We may drop in to a place unplanned but love them for their food and ambience. We write a quick and short review of these places! They may be street food outlets, restaurants, ice cream parlours, juice centres etc.

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