Gajar Methi

  Carrots sauteed with fresh fenugreek leaves….   One of those days I guess when nothing pops into my mind and I am left searching all around me for any inspiration and pick a topic and debate for a little while. Nothing wrong with the day, the weather is perfect, nice and relaxing activities planned […]

Aloo Jeera

  Potatoes sauteed with cumin, a Punjabi delicacy…   Potato is a vegetable you will find in almost all cuisine recipes, be it Indian, Spanish, Italian, English, American, African and so on. Simply cook and mash them, add few seasonings and a dollop of butter and you have the ever popular and creamy mashed potatoes. […]

Pav Bhaji

      This famous Indian street food needs no introduction. A plate of piping hot bhaji served with pav (square Indian dinner rolls) greased generously with butter is a common sight in Mumbai roadsides. Each one has some special memories associated with a plate of hot pav bhaji topped with butter! For me it […]