Fresh from the oven Focaccia

  Man, for centuries now, been driven by instincts and the constant urge to explore the unknown. An ambitious Christopher Columbus, the explorer & navigator traveled to a continent previously unknown to Europeans. We have Amelia Earhart, the first woman to fly across the Atlantic & thus opened up the skies to other women.We have […]

Irish Soda Bread

It was one of the warmest afternoons last Sunday. One of those days when a sane person would decide to relax, sipping into some lemonade with the air conditioning humming at the background. But well, it was a different scene altogether at our home! Mom had just finished making a simple Goan Potato Curry  for […]

Tricolor Sandwich

    Seeing this tri – colored sandwich our nation`s flag comes to mind and in turn brings me back memories of celebrating important milestones of our country India in our school. Republic day, Independence day were some of the occasions where flag was hoisted in our school grounds and we as students proudly saluted […]

An attempt at Fusion – Corn Salsa

  An attempt to create a quick fusion recipe was underway. Created and the attempt turned out to be successful!     On that day it was cloudy outside & showing signs of rain showers. So any plans of going out is temporarily suspended. And the hunger pangs made us crave for something new & […]

Tandoori Rotis

      …..without a tandoor   There are some who rejoice the start of rains and monsoon season. And there are some who find every possible excuse to curse at the pouring rain. Some eagerly await to go outside and feel the rain drops on their faces. The nature seems to be happy too. […]

A Quick Starter : Grape Crostini

      The summer calls for meeting up with friends for a barbeque, having friends over for tea etc. Its the season of meeting & catching up with friends & family. Not to forget unexpected visitors during the summer holidays. All this always finds us rummaging through our recipe collection to find something quick […]