Carrot Chutney

There I was, staring out the window and pondering on what thoughts to share today, what recipe to share..Then my eyes fell on this simple recipe. Simple, healthy, tasty. The recipe unlocked memories of that day when the dish was first made. And I embarked on a short trip down memory lane, to that place […]

Gajar Methi

  Carrots sauteed with fresh fenugreek leaves….   One of those days I guess when nothing pops into my mind and I am left searching all around me for any inspiration and pick a topic and debate for a little while. Nothing wrong with the day, the weather is perfect, nice and relaxing activities planned […]

Carrot soup

For a cold, rainy day, here is a bowl of hot soup packed with an abundance of vitamin A and benefits of herbs. Carrot Soup Carrots and herbs make an extremely comforting soup. For Basic Carrot Soup 4 carrots (or 250 gms , peel and chop into big chunks) 1 big onion (cut into cubes) […]

Tricolor Sandwich

    Seeing this tri – colored sandwich our nation`s flag comes to mind and in turn brings me back memories of celebrating important milestones of our country India in our school. Republic day, Independence day were some of the occasions where flag was hoisted in our school grounds and we as students proudly saluted […]

Bright and Sunny – Carrot Jam

  A jam from a different ingredient, than the usual fruits!Made this twice in a gap of two days. The first time round was an experiment batch and so made in miniscule quantities. I was apprehensive on how it would turn out. Did not want to waste a good batch of bright, cheery, plump & […]

Soups On! And some memories!!

A Light Carrot & Coconut Soup…     One of my fondest memories of childhood was our weekly visit to the library. A little girl`s dream of visiting the so called ‘fairy-tale’ land came true on my first visit to the nearby library! Bookcases growing up to the size of Jack`s beanstalk, filled with countless […]