Carrot Chutney

There I was, staring out the window and pondering on what thoughts to share today, what recipe to share..Then my eyes fell on this simple recipe. Simple, healthy, tasty. The recipe unlocked memories of that day when the dish was first made. And I embarked on a short trip down memory lane, to that place […]

Coriander Chutney

  Flavors of a ‘desi dish‘ is written all over this chutney. This lip smacking chutney is a bit spicy and slightly tangy, two of the predominant flavors in Indian cuisine. And ultimately this is a tongue tickling condiment! Or should I say ‘bit spicy‘ is too mild a word? Because it is high on chilli factor. The two […]

An Aromatic Trail – Curry Leaves Chutney Powder

    Every one has a treasure trove of traditional family recipes handed down to them by mother`s, grandmother`s & great-grandmothers. Of course, back then people did not have the benefits of the web were recipes could be noted down. The recipes were passed on to the next generation by word of mouth. This collection […]