Maavina Hannina Rasayna

  Rasayna, a popular sweet delicacy of Udipi Brahmin cuisine.   Udipi is a small town situated just 60 kms away from Mangalore (a city is South Coastal Karnataka). Udipi is the abode of Lord Krishna. ‘Udipi cuisine’ is said to have developed and perfected in the Udipi Krishna Math (Lord Krishna Temple). Udipi was earlier known as ‘Shivabelli’ […]

Soups On! And some memories!!

A Light Carrot & Coconut Soup…     One of my fondest memories of childhood was our weekly visit to the library. A little girl`s dream of visiting the so called ‘fairy-tale’ land came true on my first visit to the nearby library! Bookcases growing up to the size of Jack`s beanstalk, filled with countless […]

The Cookie Story

      And some Homemade Coconut Cookies  Some wonderful and happy memories of childhood stay with us forever. Often when we look back on them as adults, they can bring a smile on our face and for a fleeting moment make us all forget the humdrums of our every day life. Passing by the […]