Eggless Chocolate Chip Cookies

There is nothing I find more soothing & relaxing  than putting on my apron & head to the kitchen to bake a cookie or a cake or any fuss-free dessert. The excitement begins as I start mixing the ingredients to make a mixture of dreams! You create various shapes and sizes from the dough as desired and […]

Raisin Pillows

    `Pillow’ is the right word to name these cookies. For the outer layer is just that, soft and delicate with the delicious aroma of butter and vanilla. The `pillows` are sandwiched with soft raisins having a hint of freshly squeezed lemon that perfectly complement the butter-y-ness of the cookies.       All […]

The Cookie Story

      And some Homemade Coconut Cookies  Some wonderful and happy memories of childhood stay with us forever. Often when we look back on them as adults, they can bring a smile on our face and for a fleeting moment make us all forget the humdrums of our every day life. Passing by the […]

Tutti Fruity Cookies

  It is the season for puddings and pies and cakes and cookies. The kitchen is the warmest place during this time with so much baking being done! The house smells heavenly. And you cant help but revel in this glorious time of the year!And so here is another cookie recipe that can be mixed […]