Glazed Mango Cheese Cake – Eggless

  Make the most of the ‘Mango Season‘!!  That is the mantra this time…well….its the same each year during the season!I can say we have done so and will continue to do so –  that is making the most of this ‘Mango Mania’ at home.     And one of them being ‘Mango Cheese Cake’. […]


    It is the season for the ‘king’ of fruits, the season for luscious, sweet and the divine tasting fruit – mangoes! You slowly peel away the smooth skin to reveal the pulpy layer which beckons you to wait no longer to bite into them and you do without any hesitation and you are […]

Mango & Oat Pudding

  Make the most of this mango season! Another mango recipe – this time a healthy pudding..   Here is a pudding that is loaded with deliciousness and is healthy! Never thought a pudding could be made so quickly and at the same time yields an immensely satisfying dessert. And there is no need to […]

Maavina Hannina Rasayna

  Rasayna, a popular sweet delicacy of Udipi Brahmin cuisine.   Udipi is a small town situated just 60 kms away from Mangalore (a city is South Coastal Karnataka). Udipi is the abode of Lord Krishna. ‘Udipi cuisine’ is said to have developed and perfected in the Udipi Krishna Math (Lord Krishna Temple). Udipi was earlier known as ‘Shivabelli’ […]