Rich Mixed Vegetable Pulao

  An easy and flavorful pulao of mixed vegetables and aromatic basmati with the flavor of a royal biryani! But sans the efforts and considerable time of making a full fledged biryani!    

Festive Pulao

      Everyone wants to make and serve some unique and exotic dishes during festivals or family gatherings. But at the same time the dishes need to be easy to make too so that you do not miss out on the celebration.      

Kerala Avial

    Avial,  a very  popular Kerala dish of mixed locally grown vegetables in a coconut based gravy finished off with some curd. The gravy is laced with flavors of cumin and green chillies and this dish is commonly relished in Kerala households during festival of Onam. Curd gives a nice, mouthwatering tartness to the dish. […]

Different Shades & Roasted Vegetables

  Ever observed how different people react to one situation??     Take the weather for instance.The summer arrives and some start planning for picnics, barbeque, trip to the beach. Then there are some who sulk & complain that the weather`s too hot for them, that they just do not have the energy to go […]