Ragi Puris, any one?

  It was a pleasant day with the gentle breeze lightly caressing the leaves. The sun seemed to be generous in spreading golden hue all around. That perfect setting when I could not help but let my mind wander to the fields in my native place.When home grown, organic vegetables seem to be one of […]

Life`s choices. Potato & Spring Onion Soup…

  Winter gives way to summer & spring, then the rains, then comes autumn and its winter once again. No season lingers forever. The clouds do make way for the sunshine. The sun does shine after the rains and you spot the rainbow sometimes. Every season has its good and bad, every cloud has a […]

Popular Indian Street Food – Ragda Pattice

  It is snack time now! Time to tease your palette with spicy, tangy chaat!   Today`s recipe, one of the popular Indian street food needs no introduction. Commonly found in Mumbai, you will see people queue-ing in front of Chaat stalls everyday to treat themselves to this addictive snack. This dish has two parts. […]

Gajar Methi

  Carrots sauteed with fresh fenugreek leaves….   One of those days I guess when nothing pops into my mind and I am left searching all around me for any inspiration and pick a topic and debate for a little while. Nothing wrong with the day, the weather is perfect, nice and relaxing activities planned […]

Aloo Jeera

  Potatoes sauteed with cumin, a Punjabi delicacy…   Potato is a vegetable you will find in almost all cuisine recipes, be it Indian, Spanish, Italian, English, American, African and so on. Simply cook and mash them, add few seasonings and a dollop of butter and you have the ever popular and creamy mashed potatoes. […]

Some chit chat over cutlets..

     Beetroot cutlets make a tasty snack!   You have high days or low days, happier times or the not-so-happy ones, tough times or leisure days. And on these days when you desire some company, a friend is just a phone call away! Remembering the countless hours spent with a friend over some chai […]

Potato Dosa – for a power packed breakfast!

  How many have we heard the lines – eat your breakfast, eat a healthy breakfast, do not skip breakfast, have breakfast like a king and such similar lines. And how many times have we secretly grumbled on hearing these words being directed at us!         This is actually one of those […]