Mango & Oat Pudding

  Make the most of this mango season! Another mango recipe – this time a healthy pudding..   Here is a pudding that is loaded with deliciousness and is healthy! Never thought a pudding could be made so quickly and at the same time yields an immensely satisfying dessert. And there is no need to […]

Biscuit Pudding Cake

  She hears a faint, distant music and slowly opens her eyes to find its source. On finding her cell phone lighting up and buzzing, she instantly grumbles and reaches out to stop the music. Its time for her to face another day clicking, typing, text-ing, browsing etc etc. The coffee maker awaits its turn […]

Chocolate-y Comfort!

    Easy & Eggless Chocolate Pudding   Craving for something sweet & intoxicating to cheer up. Now people often do find themselves in this situation. And so one must always have few reliable & handy  tricks up our sleeves to regain our spirits – your favorite music, a good movie, good book, cell phone […]