Raisin Pillows

    `Pillow’ is the right word to name these cookies. For the outer layer is just that, soft and delicate with the delicious aroma of butter and vanilla. The `pillows` are sandwiched with soft raisins having a hint of freshly squeezed lemon that perfectly complement the butter-y-ness of the cookies.       All […]

Apple Chutney

  Fresh ingredients and and few spices, all thrown into a mortar and pestle and ground to an aromatic mixture, this results in the ever popular accompaniment to Indian meals – CHUTNEYS!     Be it breakfast, lunch, high tea or dinners, a side to hors d’oeuvres and so on, chutneys served alongside add drama […]

Dry Fruits Burfi

    A perfect sweet recipe to accompany your festivals  or even otherwise. The recipe does not call for addition of any sugar or jaggery! Just some dry fruits and nuts of your choice combined together till well mixed. This has got to be the simplest yet a royal sweet recipe I have ever come […]