Life`s choices. Potato & Spring Onion Soup…

  Winter gives way to summer & spring, then the rains, then comes autumn and its winter once again. No season lingers forever. The clouds do make way for the sunshine. The sun does shine after the rains and you spot the rainbow sometimes. Every season has its good and bad, every cloud has a […]

A hearty & healthy soup

  Bottlegourd (lauki) and tomato soup   We are at the threshold of welcoming another new start. A new beginning with open arms, renewed enregy and hopes, just as any other year. Many a resolutions I am sure were listed. Few may still be going strong and few scrapped long time ago! My resolution at […]

Carrot soup

For a cold, rainy day, here is a bowl of hot soup packed with an abundance of vitamin A and benefits of herbs. Carrot Soup Carrots and herbs make an extremely comforting soup. For Basic Carrot Soup 4 carrots (or 250 gms , peel and chop into big chunks) 1 big onion (cut into cubes) […]

Soups On! And some memories!!

A Light Carrot & Coconut Soup…     One of my fondest memories of childhood was our weekly visit to the library. A little girl`s dream of visiting the so called ‘fairy-tale’ land came true on my first visit to the nearby library! Bookcases growing up to the size of Jack`s beanstalk, filled with countless […]