A hearty & healthy soup

  Bottlegourd (lauki) and tomato soup   We are at the threshold of welcoming another new start. A new beginning with open arms, renewed enregy and hopes, just as any other year. Many a resolutions I am sure were listed. Few may still be going strong and few scrapped long time ago! My resolution at […]

Carrot soup

For a cold, rainy day, here is a bowl of hot soup packed with an abundance of vitamin A and benefits of herbs. Carrot Soup Carrots and herbs make an extremely comforting soup. For Basic Carrot Soup 4 carrots (or 250 gms , peel and chop into big chunks) 1 big onion (cut into cubes) […]

Pav Bhaji

      This famous Indian street food needs no introduction. A plate of piping hot bhaji served with pav (square Indian dinner rolls) greased generously with butter is a common sight in Mumbai roadsides. Each one has some special memories associated with a plate of hot pav bhaji topped with butter! For me it […]