The rainy season is characterised by low digestion power and low immunity levels.

Here are a few guidelines to keep fit and healthy during the monsoon season.


  1. Eating fruits restore energy leaves. Opt for fruits such as papaya, mango, pomegranate, apple. Avoid fruits that are high in water content, such as watermelon, muskmelon.
  2. Apples assist in digestion, particularly during monsoon when the digestion system is weak.
  3. Avoid salty foods, naturally sour foods such as tamarind, tomatoes. They lead to water retention in the body.
  4. Intake of turmeric, neem or fenugreek helps to reduce risk of infection in the body.
  5. Consume honey, ginger, pepper, mint, tulsi, herbal tea. They have antibacterial properties.
  6. Avoid uncooked/ raw foods and opt for steamed salads.
  7. Drink only boiled and purified water.
  8. Avoid foods that are heavy to digest, such as potatoes, green leafy vegetables, sprouts etc.
  9. Avoid frozen food & ice creams.
  10. Consume wheat, barley, oats, old rice, gramflour, corn.
  11. Boost immunity by adding dash of garlic to your daily diet.
  12. Opt for curd or thin buttermilk over milk.
  13. Consuming bitter foods, such as bittergourd, neem help to avoid skin infections and allergies.

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