Pull Apart Garlic Rolls

Days turned to weeks, to months and years. It has been that long since I sat to write a recipe post. Somehow many other things in life took over, some happy moments, some hurtful ones, some that felt like it was the end of everything. But in the end I have learnt – if you […]

Heaven on Tongue, a review…

…And Barbeque Sandwich     I have come across many cookbooks, got quite a few in my collection but the book ‘Heaven on Tongue‘, the latest addition to my collection stands out for many reason. What do I like about the book? There are quite a few reason but let me highlight a few.

Subzi Daal

Daals or lentils are a welcome, anytime and any day! Be it Daal Pakwaan for breakfast or Dal tadka for lunch or for dinner. Daals pair well with rice or a variety of Indian breads. And they are so versatile! Different combinations of daals and seasonings give a different dish each time! While dal tadka, […]

Avarekalu Gashi

Avarekalu or lilva or hyacinth or field beans is popularly used in cuisine of Karnataka. There are many dishes you can prepare with avarekalu and many reasons to love it! For those who do not find this ‘bean’ very exciting I urge you to still go ahead and pick it up. Try out this gashi which […]

Ajwain Methi Puris

Its hard to resist anything fried till golden, crisp and tempting!!! Moreover it is the season to indulge!!! Festive celebrations are just round the corner. The weather is turning cold and wintry with rains making their appearance every now and then.  Taking in the cool air and winter shades of nature during our drive to office […]

Drumstick Rasam

  The monsoon season reminds me of school days. Of carefree days when the day`s strategy was to attend classes, play, eat, some more play, homework and more play! The rains were perhaps the best. We found delight in getting drenched in the rains. The rain drops caressing our cheeks felt like pure joy. All […]

Life is beautiful.

She longed to be set free. To fly away to a distant place where the sun always shone down on earth. Where the steady golden rays of the sun penetrated into all places and drove away the darkness. Where even rains did not chase away the sunlight but would fill the sky with rainbow. Flowers […]

Mastering the Art of Living

There is often a long ‘to-be‘ list. No I don`t mean to-do. It`s a to-be. A list of professions you want to take up when you ‘grow up’. A list of things you would want to do. From a teacher to sports champ, a scientist or an actor. The ‘list’ is now a crumpled piece of […]

Lunch Time Memories. Carrot & Coriander Rice.

Today`s recipe brings in a flood of memories. Memories so warm that they unfreeze my frozen fingers. It is like the warmth one feels when sipping a cup of tea. The early morning rush, the smell of something delicious being cooked and packed into colorful boxes is a sight still so vivid, so touching. Being […]

Pepper Curry, to soothe the frozen soul…

  “In the depth of winter I finally learned there was in me an INVINCIBLE summer.” ~Albert Camus The night was cold and seemed to drag on endlessly. The moon had curled up and hidden itself in the darkness of the sky. The cold winter creeping in showed no mercy on her. As she lay on […]