Lassi for the summer…

When the sun`s rays generously cast their golden rays over the earth and the temperature is soaring, even the rhythmic wind is warm and does nothing to cool you down, it is time to savour something fresh, cooling and vibrant… It is that time of year now. The sun shines bright and smell of freshly […]

Apple Lemonade

  The temperature is increasing here each day and juices and coolers are all I can think about to. On one such hot evening summer, this refreshing & quick lemonade came into existence.    

Mint and Lemon Cooler

  A refreshing drink with a blend of fresh mint leaves and zingy lime..!      As we are immersed in the midst of peak summer, we try to find cooler waters options to dive into and escape from the scorching heat. And a glass of chilled and refreshing drink gets the highest vote!  In […]

Pomegranate Cooler

  “It is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy, that makes happiness.” ~Charles Spurgean The trees outside seem to be dancing and singing along with the breeze as it gently caresses the few remaining leaves. The birds seem to be a tad more cheerful in their singing than yesterday. And I […]