Chakkuli (Murukku)

Recipe Source – My Amma

Chakkuli (Murukku)


Recipe Source - My Amma



  1. In a mixing bowl put rice flour, roasted urad flour, roasted gram dal powder. Seive.

  2. Add salt, cumin/ sesame, butter. Mix well.

  3. Add water and mix into smooth but stiff dough.

  4. Grease insides of murukku maker. Use single star disc. Put a portion of the dough into the maker. Now press the dough slowly in circular motion to form a nice spiral like a chakli on a greased plastic sheet or on back of ladles or onto wet muslin cloth.

  5. Gently slide out the chakkulis into hot oil.Fry over medium high flame till golden and bubbles in oil subsides. Drain on colander to remove excess oil.

  6. Repeat for remaining dough.

  7. When cool, store in airtight container.


It is preferred to use processed rice flour than ready rice flour. To make processed rice flour, wash sona masoori rice (or any other equivalent variety of rice) in water for 3 to 4 times. Drain on colander to remove excess water. Spread the drained rice on a kitchen towel in a thin layer and let it dry under shade for about half a day or until the rice is completely dry. Once completely dry, grind to powder in a mixer (or give to a mill to powder it). Sieve the powder to discard coarse particles. You could then spread the powder on a wide plate or on clean dry cloth to dry the rice completely. Store in airtight container. Best used within 3 months.

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