Eggless Chocolate Pudding

Creamy chocolate delight!

Eggless Chocolate Pudding

Servings: 6


Creamy chocolate delight!


For dusting on top (optional)

Choices for garnish (optional)


  1. Take half cup of the above total milk in a small bowl and add cocoa powder, sugar, cornflour and make a smooth paste.

  2. Put rest of the milk to heat in a pan over medium heat. Let come to a boil & add the cocoa-cornflour mixture whilst stirring constantly with hand whisk to avoid lumps. Cook until thick, creamy, coats back of spoon and you are able to draw a line.

  3. When done, remove from heat add vanilla extract. Mix and let come to room temperature. Transfer to individual ramekins or serving bowls or a single large glass bowl. Chill for 2-3 hours. Sprinkle cocoa powder or powdered sugar, garnish just before you serve.


This pudding can be served warm before you refrigerate during cold winters or chilled on a sunny day!

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Prathima Thotanthillaya